Tip for surviving child fundraising events

4 Nov

Tip for surviving child fundraising events:

The only way to completely protect yourself from child fundraisers is never approach a building if there are child fundraisers camped outside. Do NOT fall under the assumption that you will be able to get past them unscathed by hurrying, acting busy, or pretending not to notice them. Child fundraisers have no understanding of eye-contact avoidance, and will rush you if you get within 30 feet of their wares, which are always located 15 feet from the door. Child fundraisers also have no concept of dignity. Once they entrap you, they are able to plead and blink their disproportionately large eyes at you for an indefinite length of time; or until you’ve traded large amounts of your hard-earned cash for their crappy tins of popcorn.

This may mean you will not be able to enter any major grocery chain during Girl Scout Cookie or Boy Scout Popcorn season. That is OK. Remember, drug stores, fast food restaurants, and 7-11’s are all viable food shopping alternatives.


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